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Woodbo tournament

If anyone would like to take part in the Woodbo tournament coming up in March, please contact Russ. As long as you didn't play Melvill last year, you are eligible to play. The tournament takes place in Harrismith and is a lot of fun.

Here’s to a great new year!

Good morning and happy New Year to everyone! I trust you had a relaxing break and are keen to make this the best year yet.

I have a few items I need to bring to your attention, one of which I need your guidance please.

1. Registration. Please register through your club and not through the website this year. Having two points of registration made it confusing for some players so we are going back to the tried and trusted method for this year. Everyone who wants to play in the leagues or wants to represent SGBA in 2014 has to register, it is the only way we know who our current players are. I ask for your cooperation in this as we need to get player numbers and commitment as soon as possible. Not only so we can report to BSA but also so we can plan the year better. Please register by April at the latest.

2. Committee changes. At the AGM last year a few changes were made to the committee. Emmanuel Makhele has become our new VP, Russell Stroud has resumed his role as League Secretary and Rose Liebenberg has taken over the Secretary position. I would like to thank Sarah Rice and Marloes Reinink for their tireless efforts and amazing support over the past number of years. For an up to date list of the committee members, please click here for the SGBA website.

3. Awards Ceremony 2013. We started awarding our players again back in 2012 and had another ceremony last year as well. What I would like to know is should we continue? I believe that recognising achievements and dedication is very important and would like to make this part of our badminton calendar every year. However, dinners can be very expensive so perhaps it is time to look at something else. Please help the committee decide on how you view this topic. I’ve listed a few options below but am willing to listen to suggestions.

a. No awards. b. Awards handed out after the SGBA Closed. c. Informal ceremony with light snacks/braai held on a Saturday afternoon. Estimated cost: R50. d. Formal ceremony with dinner and possibly a guest speaker held on a Saturday night. Estimated cost: R250.

All the best for 2014. I look forward to seeing you on court.

Darryll Robinson

SGBA President