Southern Gauteng has started a ladder for our singles players. Please click on the link below to register and start playing. Please note that the ladder is owned by an external company and as such, SGBA has no control over the content and management of the site.

How to login
Invitation code 375

Step 1: Click on this link
Step 2: Register as a new member or use your Facebook account
Step 3: Receive your confirmation mail and click on the link {look in junkmail if you don’t get it}
Step 4: Log into the site
Step 5: Click on ‘My leagues’ and enter Invitation code “375”

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Players Rep.

Can I challenge anyone on the ladder

For your initial challenge you can challenge anyone on the ladder there after you can only challenge 5 places ahead.

When and where do you play a challenge match?

It really is up to you, once a player has been challenged it is up to the challenger to make arrangement for court time and shuttles. Once the game has been played either player can submit the results.

Can I challenge someone without setting up the challenge on the site first?

Yes, if you are at your club and decide to have a challenge game, play the game and note the results. At your convenience, logon to the site and select “Quick Challenge”
This will enter the results immediately, without requiring the initial challenge.

How do I submit a results of the challenge?

Log on the site and enter your result. The result is mailed to both players so any fraudulent results will be picked up immediately.

What about doubles?

There is currently a limitation in the way the site has been designed; SGBA is in consultation with the site creators to see what can be done. SGBA is also starting off with men and ladies singles as a trial run; once the system is mature, doubles can be evaluated.

Will this ladder be used as a selection tool?

Once players begin to use the ladder it may be used by selector to assist them in making selection decisions, but will never be used exclusively. Combinations, league results, tournaments and more will form part of the selection process.

What if a person continually refuses to accept a challenge?

After the 3rd challenge attempt, you will win by default.

Does the system keep track of the results?

Yes & no. It will keep track of the games won e.g. 2:1 or 2:0 but not the actual score. As a work around, when entering the result, in the comments field you should enter 21/8 16/21 21/18.